A live chat is one of the several methods of communication offered by some hosting companies as part of their support service. Depending on the supplier, the chat is used for pre-sales, billing and/or technical assistance. This way of communication is faster than a support ticket and it will make it less likely to misunderstand or misspell anything as compared to a call with a representative. In addition, when the trouble that you have requires some time to be examined and dealt with, you're able to do something else at the same time rather than just waiting, like you would have to do if you call. Also, you can use a live chat support service free of charge provided that you have Internet accessibility even when your website hosting provider is situated in another country and they do not have a local phone number you can call.

Live Chat Support in Shared Web Hosting

As we acknowledge the fact that a great number of troubles are usually resolved if you talk with a live person, we supply a live chat service for all of our prospective and existing clients. Our chat is available every single day and our support representatives will assist you with a variety of questions and issues. In case you aren't our client yet, you can learn more about our shared web hosting plans and the hosting platform in general in order to be certain that your websites will function efficiently on our servers. If you already have an account and you have some questions or you encounter any troubles with some of our services, you will be able to get in touch with us through our live chat and we can provide the required info or help you troubleshoot the issue. You'll have to open a support ticket for some troubles that need more time or the assistance of a system administrator, but for a lot of standard troubles you will get help right away.

Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

We have a live chat service that is designed for all of our future and present clients. In case you are looking for a new hosting account, you're able to chat in real time to one of our representatives and receive more details about our semi-dedicated plans so as to choose the right package for your web sites. In the event that you already have an account with us, we will be able to assist you in a timely manner with billing, general and 1st level techissues. Though in certain cases you'll have to open a support ticket because there are problems that can't be resolved through a live chat, we can assist you with various basic tasks, such as setting up an e-mail account in an email client or forwarding one domain name to another. As a result, you'll benefit from timely support and you will save a long time.